Generator of the heavy smoke, model: „VIPER-3”
To a maximum automated, cordless and very straight in the service. It will be sufficient to pour hot water, to put the dry ice (c 15 kg) and to press the button.
Equipped in:
  • pilot about the reach of 100 m and the possibility of the guidance with the second machine of the same company
  • case on rotational wheels with brakes and the blockade
  • water-powered sensor
  • automatic adjuster of the water temperature - display led
  • automatic voltmeter - display led
  • automatic rectifier 12 V
  • gel battery 12 V
  • adjustment of the density of smoking out
  • immersion heaters of water 3 KW/230 V
  • handles for wearing
  • weight 33 kg
Dimensions 70 x 45 x 50 without circles.
Aesthetic and elegant appearance.
Made from the qualitatively very good plywood has:
  • he has warmed partition walls
  • sub-assemblies of light aluminium
  • acid-resistant materials were used so that the machine was used for long years. (is probably indestructible)
  • we provide one-year warranty
  • issue FV (23%)

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Designed for the "dance in the clouds" effect for the young couple.